Delicious ice creams and refreshing sorbets: this is what we have been making at Galana since 1995. And today, 25 years later, our customers can already choose from more than fifty different flavours! It goes without saying that we use only the best ingredients for all these flavours: all our sorbets are made with real fruit, the vanilla ice cream with real vanilla from Madagascar and for the cuberdon ice cream we only use the real "little noses" from Ghent. In short: quality ice cream full of love and craftsmanship!

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Mission and values

Galana is comitted to being a well-respected supplier of top quality food products that will create sustainable value, overall satisfaction for our consumers and proudness for all of us.
Galana continously watches over the sustainability of its production processes. We do so by investing in the newest technologies, but also by supporting ecological initiatives.


Galana purges the wastewater that is released during production


We only use the best natural ingrediënts. Our goal is to reach dessert heaven with a clean label


Even though we work with traditional ingredients, Galana operates on state of the art machinery


Every crucial step in our production process is measured and documented. That allows us to comply with the highest standards

As a family company we share with you values like approachability and open communication.
We understand the importance of being able to express your own identity. All our products can be tailored to meet the needs of your company or the taste of your chefs.
Do not hesitate to get in touch!


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The cacao that we use is being harvested in honest circumstances and with a minimal impact on the environment.


Guarantuees fair trade conditions for the local cacao farmers.


The only eggs we use are free-range eggs or barn eggs or barn eggs.


The fresh milk that we use for our ice cream has been awarded the label of Marguerite Happy Cow. That means: milk from local farmers, based on respect for people and for animals.


License number: 4-1015-18-100-00

Acts against deforestation and for the conservation of biodiversity.
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We only use the finest chocolate that is moreover 100% Belgian.

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